What is a sweepstake?

A Sweepstake is a type of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners. Sweepstakes began as a form of lottery that was tied to products sold. Sweepstakes in the USA and Canada are used as promotions to reward existing consumers or supporters and to draw attention to a product and for fundraising.

What is a contest?

Contest is a competition in where each contestant performs a task or skill testing question without direct contact with or interference from competitors for a prize. Like sweepstakes, contests are used as fundraising or promotions while rewarding consumers or supporters with prizes.

What is a raffle?

A raffle is a form of gaming where the seller raises money, and the ticket purchasers pay for a chance to win a prize. Winner of the prize is selected randomly.

In Canada and most states in the US, raffles are regulated by law, and only eligible charity or non-profit organizations can conduct or run raffles legally.

License or permits are usually required to organize and sell raffle tickets legally.

Can I sell raffle?

We do not sell raffle tickets in the website.

What is the difference between raffles and sweepstakes/ contest / promotion?

In raffles, customers buy tickets to enter to win. However, with sweepstakes, contests or promotions, supporters purchase merchandise and donate for a chance to win.  Also, a free entry is available when you answer a skill testing question correctly.

Who can use our website for fundraising?

Charities, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals can use our website to fund for their cause, promotions, needs or operational expenses.  Supporters can buy products and /or donate. Fundraisers then reward their supporters with prizes or awards.

What can I sell?

A fundraiser can sell promotional products, items, or merchandise as part of its fundraising campaign.

To keep the fundraising campaign simple for the supporters, a fundraiser can sell up to 3 products in each campaign.  If you choose not to sell products or merchandise, supporters can only give donations in exchange for entry to win.

You can sell products and receive donations at the same time.

What are the prizes?

The fundraiser decides what kind of prizes to offer. 

No illegal items are allowed.

How much is the sales limit?

There is no limit on the amount of revenue or amount raised.

Where can I fundraise?

Canadian fundraisers can fundraise nationwide in Canada but not in Quebec.

US fundraisers can fundraise in most states. 

We are working on a policy where fundraisers can do both in Canada and the US.

How to use the proceeds?

Proceeds are treated as regular revenue or donations to the fundraiser.  Money raised can be used for any fundraising purposes.

Sweepstakes vs. Raffle

Sweepstakes or Contests VS. Raffles
Organizations, business, individual Who can do? Charity, non-profit, other organizations eligible by law
For fundraising, promotion, rewarding supporters What is the reason? For fundraising
You have to offer- “No purchase necessary to enter to win”. Disclose- “A purchase will not increase your chances of winning” What are the requirements? License or permits from regional regulatory or lottery boards. Payment of fees and application are required.
Sales of products, donations How to generate revenue? Sales of tickets
Proceeds are treated as regular revenue or donations to the fundraiser. The use of proceeds is not subject to approval or audits. Money raised can be used for any fundraising purposes. How to use the proceeds? Proceeds are regulated and can only be used as per the permit or license restrictions. Reporting is required to all use of proceeds. Subject to approval and audits by regional regulatory boards.
Random selection manually or electronically. How to select winners? Random selection manually or electronically.
Fundraiser will decide to what kind of prizes to offer. No illegal items are allowed. What are the prizes? Prizes are limited to rules and regulations of local regulatory boards.
There is no limit on the amount of revenue or amount raised. How much is the sales limit? Organizations are limited to the amount of raffle tickets to sell as per the rules and regulations in their license or permit.
Allowed to fundraise nationwide in Canada and US but not in Quebec and some States. Where to fundraise? Allowed to sell tickets in the jurisdiction of the license or permit only.
Anybody from different provinces and states except from Quebec and some States. Who can buy or support the fundraiser? Purchaser has to be at least 18 years or older and a resident of the specific province or state as per the license and permit.
Fundraiser directly awards the prize to the winner. How to award prizes? Organization directly awards the prize to the winner.

Do I need programming or technical skills to run my fundraiser?

There is no need to worry about programming or technical skills. We can help set up your online sweepstakes fundraiser from start to finish.

When should we run our fundraising and, for how long?

Depending on your fundraising needs, there is no limit on how often you can have a fundraising campaign and the duration. It’s all about your needs and schedule. Once scheduled, you must make sure that you fulfill your obligation to select the winner and award the prize.

How to select winners?

Winners are selected randomly by using our RNG (Random Number Generator) built-in our system.

Can I get help with advertising and marketing?

Connect with us, and we can help you develop personalized strategies to maximize your fundraising sweepstakes campaign. We can connect you with promoters and marketers to help you with your fundraising.

Where does the money go?

All money from sales and donations goes directly to the fundraiser’s bank account. Stripe has a 7 day hold policy to clear the funds before depositing the sales proceeds. 

Platform fees and Stripe fees are automatically deducted from every transaction.

How can I support the fundraiser and enter to win?

There are 3 ways to support the fundraiser and get the chance to win the prizes:

  • Answer a skill-testing for a free entry to win
  • Purchase merchandise to receive an entry to win
  • Donate to receive an entry to win.

How many entries can I purchase?

No purchase is necessary to receive one entry to win the prize. A skill-testing question has to be answered correctly to receive the free entry.
If you like to purchase products and/or donate to the fundraiser, you can get additional entries to win the prize. Every entry gives you a chance to win the prize.
There is no limit on how many additional entries you can get.

How do I know if I won the prize and how do I collect the prize?

The fundraiser will contact the winner directly after the draw by email, phone, or mail.  The name of the winner will also be published on the website.

The fundraiser will arrange the payment or awarding of the prize to the winner. 

Any questions or information regarding prizes and awards can be directed to the person or organization conducting the fundraising.

If you have more questions and concerns please contact us:

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