About Us

Fundraising helps bring communities together. Friends and family can support personal fundraising. Start-up businesses, organizations, or struggling companies can seek help to keep their operations running. Charities and non-profits need fundraising for their cause. Our Fundraising Sweepstakes team realized the needs of many people, organizations, and businesses to raise money for whatever reason they have.

You have to admit that many people will donate or purchase merchandise to support a fundraiser. At the same time, some will support fundraisers only if there is a chance to win prizes.

Our solution has combined multiple ways of fundraising: selling merchandise, donations, and sweepstakes or contests.

We provide an innovative platform for fundraisers with built-in smart reports and management tools to make fundraising campaigns efficient and successful. Our website is secured, and our payment processor is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standard Council compliant. Hence, supporters' payments and information are safe and protected.

We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and operate in Canada and United States.


Provide an easy online platform for fundraisers and connect them with a community of supporters.

Our Commitmnet

Provide and promote a secure online payment environment

Deliver exceptional service and support

Maintain a top-notched platform system

Simplify workload for fundraisers

Maximize amount raised

Be the leader and the most cost effective online fundraising solution